Apply to Join

Welcome and thank you for being interested in our community. We look forward to meeting you as you take part in our training program and also our wing activities. In order to be considered as a new cadet, you will need to follow the following quick tasks:

1. Join Our Discord Server

To get started please join our discord server
Discord is an online communication tool that we use to organize the wing as well as our communication between our members.

2. Fill Out our Application

Please fill out the following application in order to join our community. You will be entered into our training program as a cadet after being accepted. You will receive a notification through our discord server once your application has been reviewed.

Application Form

To apply you must meet the minimum requirements

A Mature Individual – 18 Years or Older
Fluent in English
Basic Aircraft Knowledge and
Be able to execute all ab-initio flight exercises and have the following applications/hardware.

  • Take-Off’s
  • Climbs
  • Turns
  • Descents
  • AAR
  • Landing’s
  • Basic Radiotelephone Procedures
  • Basic Operational Knowledge of DCS
  • Full flight controls plus Track IR, Head Tracking Software, or VR
  • Available to fly once a month to maintain active status
  • DCS Open Beta
  • Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

Wing events are Friday nights at 2230EST and Wednesdays at 2130EST

Successful applicants will undergo a Basic Qualification Flight and will move on to Formation Training after a successful qualification. They will then move on to active status with their respective Squadron.