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Our Mission

Welcome to the 51st VFW, a Digital Combat Simulator World Virtual Fighter Wing. Our team is made up of a collection of real-life pilots, both civilian and military aviation, as well as hobbyists who have come together to experience a military-like simulation community. We do our best to make our community as realistic as possible to the military wing and squadron community while still keeping it fun and enjoyable for our fellow sim-aviators.

As a Virtual Fighter Wing, we don’t discriminate airframes for our community. We operate with several different squadrons, which cover the available aircraft in DCS, which allow for a diverse group of combat-capable aircraft in DCS to work together on weekly missions.

Our Training Pipeline

For recruits to our Virtual Fighter Wing, we provide a realistic training experience within DCS’s confines while keeping it fun and enjoyable for all. Real-world aviators have developed our training syllabuses with civilian & military aviation training backgrounds. Our goal is to ignite a spark within you and grow your desire to learn some of the more complicated aviation aspects while obtaining your aviation wings within our organization.


Basic Formation/Strafing Range Pattern

  • Evaluate cadet
  • Improve aircraft handling skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Basic formation familiarization


Tactical Formation Training/Strike Pattern/CCIP

  • TACAN yardstick
  • Basic tactical formation
  • Tactical turns
  • Strike pattern


BFM/Pop-Up Attack Profiles

  • Pop-Up CCIP deliveries
  • Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM)


Beyond Visual Range (BVR)

  • Develop basic BVR Timeline
  • Employ MRM effectively
  • Defend effective in BVR environment
  • Further improve section level communication skills

We offer a way to qualify for more advanced flyers by performing a check ride by one of our experienced pilots specific to your desired airframe.

Dedicated Server

For our members, we offer a dedicated server with customized options to make the experience as realistic as possible. Our weekly missions will push your skills to the limit while getting you engaged with our entire wing.

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Wing News


IAS - Indicated Air Speed - The airspeed read directly on the Airspeed Indicator. It is the most accurate at design cruise airspeeds and design cruise AOA. CAS - Calibrated Airspeed - IAS corrected for position error. Attitude, AOA changes can cause errors in the...

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The Altimeter

Altitudes Indicated Altitude - The Altitude read on the Altimeter. The Altimeter should be set to the closest a available Altimeter Setting, or QNH. The QNH is the local Mean Sea Level pressure corrected for temperature so the altimeter will read airport elevation on...

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New Website

Welcome to the new website that is being developed for the 51st VFW community. As we currently work on the site to expand it and add more content, we hope that you will excuse the spelling errors and the mess as we work through fixing everything up. If you have...

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